The Power of Happy: Finding the Funny

“They see the good, embrace the joys and laugh -louder than everyone else- at the funny”.

I just spent seven days in Croatia with two of the happiest, most hilarious women I’ve ever known. Maia’s Grandmas. So full of beans, I at one point asked if one of them was taking anything. Nope, just high on life.

Now I get I was on holiday, and holidays – by nature- tend to be a happy time, but honestly I’ve been on holidays with some grumpy shits before, (including myself) so I know that being in paradise doesn’t always equate to a good mood. Thoughts are still thoughts despite the beautiful surroundings and we still have the ability to communicate negative ones…However the whole week, I didn’t hear one bad word said about anyone. There was not an ounce of negativity. Say what?!

Turns out we don’t have to complain about things or gossip about people. There is another way to be after all…Turns out some very special people just don’t think in this way. They see the good, embrace the joys and laugh -louder than everyone else- at the funny. Some can truly live in the moment, appreciating what’s right in front of them. These people have the power to be present, and grateful and HAPPY. Super-Power Yes?

No one exhibited more of this magic, than Aldona, Maia’s Polish Grandma. (Pictured below). She has the enthusiasm of a small child at a fun fair, (that may have had a lot of candy floss..and several other sugary snacks..), the organisational skills of a successful business owner (which of course she is) and the heart of a saint (a sparkly blue eyed saint with ribbons in her hair…okay just one giant black ribbon, she’s not a Christmas tree) .

I don’t tend to feel completely relaxed with people I don’t know very well.  – Particularly in an intense one-week holiday situation. You never know what you can and can’t say, (swear or not swear at)  or whether you should let loose or stay closed up in your bud. – But with Aldona I felt like I could be myself, my whole self (my sometimes moody, on occasion downright hard-to-please; but always reasonably approachable self..). I take that back. I’m not hard to please. But I also wouldn’t like to say I was easy to please. Basically I don’t like to be difficult, but I will voice my opinion when absolutely necessary, I think of myself as rather flexible in most situations, like when I ordered a Cosmopolitan and they served me straight up Vodka, I drank it anyway; see; easy to please. Anyway, this isn’t about me. Back to Aldona. (Who did everything she could to please us all..)

She was in every way accommodating; every little thing we needed she would make sure we got. Highly attentive to Maia, amazing with her food planning and just generally a beautiful soul to be around. The word lively doesn’t quite do her justice; she was full of life, and light and love. Did I just say that. Yep, life and light and love. Her laughter was undeniably contagious and we shared many moments of joy; amused by Maia’s singing/dancing/general persona/sassy language. She loved spending time with her youngest granddaughter, and I could tell she was soaking up every moment. (Because she lives in Poland, we only see her a few times a year, so each and every day meant the world to her).

I came home feeling all warm and fuzzy thinking back to all these little moments. (And because I’d had 2 hours sleep, that’s the fuzzy right there). The delight and happiness she’d shown all week had touched me; reminding me not to take any moment with Maia for granted (I will, inevitably, because I am human, and cannot practice gratitude 24 hours of the day, maybe some day. I’m not that spiritually evolved yet. Plus when I lose my shit, I lose my shit, I’m not thinking “I am so grateful that this Nutella has been smeared into the sofa.” So grateful and #blessed… No dear I’m just #pissed). 

Aldona taught me something very very important; and that is to laugh more. Laugh more every day. (And not to be ashamed of my – at times- particularly loud laugh. If people don’t like it, they should clear the area, I need room to be happy). There are 101 reasons to laugh, so go find the funny. It’s always right there.

Could she be any more of a princess? Both her Grandma’s helping her into the water…

ALL GIRL GROUP SHOT (Grandpa stood patiently waiting by the car..). Two Grandmas, one Mummy, one very loved little girl.

A: “Mum I can’t see your faces, it’s too dark”
M: “It doesnt matter just take it!”
A: “No hang on I’ll turn the flash on..”
M: “Okay..”
A: “Why won’t it let me turn the flash on?!”
A: “Chill woman, it’s probably the wrong setting for the flash to work..hang on..”
“Oh shit okay..CHEESE!!!”

Maia being highly cooperative…

Picked up a random local youth.. #photobombed…


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