Prague: The Charles Bridge

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Hope 2018 is treating you well. Three days in and mine is looking pretty shiny…and challenging for all the right reasons.

I overheard my Dad on the phone to his friend the other day:

“I somehow feel more orderly in a year that is an even number and not odd..I never quite settled in 2017…not sure if it’s a prime number..”. *Once a Mathematician always a mathematician.

I’m with him on the not-settling part. It went by in such a flash it rather feels like we went straight from 2016 to 2018. But for me 2017 has really lay the groundwork for 2018, so I am grateful for the flash. (More on this later…)

Despite it being the New Year, I will be squeezing in a few more snaps from my November 2017 adventure. (Budapest // Prague // Copenhagen. Read Why I felt the need to travel solo here..)  

So for now…a continuation of my first day in Prague.  – -With less words and more photos…

The Charles Bridge

Walking up to Prague Castle


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