Prague: Views from St Vitus Cathedral, a touch of Gold and the Steve Jobs Museum

“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

– Steve Jobs (below) 

I climbed a lot of steps to get these views. Breaks were taken during the climb. (Up a tower in St Vitus Cathedral, below). I would regard myself as quite a fit young person but after a few hundred steps that feel like they’re getting steeper and steeper, in a tower that’s getting narrower and narrower; one must pace oneself for fear of passing out and having no one behind to…break your fall.

It was cold, windy, yet simply breath-taking at the top. – Well worth the sweat.

St Vitus Cathedral

I’m not sure what the tour-guide told them but it prompted this…There was a large group and one after the next they touched the golden penis. And yes I laughed out loud with them despite not knowing what anyone was saying. – Universally hilarious. For the video..see my Instagram here. 

The Steve Jobs Museum
After standing in the foyer of the Steve Jobs museum for a significant few minutes stealing their Wi-fi –I had no intention of actually buying a ticket to go in..- I heard a lady say they were doing a 50% off offer on all entrance tickets. This, coupled with my urgent need to pee, led me to..well..paying to walk around a handful of rooms, to leisurely browse every Apple product ever created..and read through a selection of quotes. I will always be a sucker for quotes. The man was a legend, and I left feeling pretty inspired. 

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”.

– Steve Jobs


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