Confessions of a Single Mother: One Headshot Session and Daring to Dream.

“Most things are possible, if you are willing to put the work in…”.

There it is.
That’s ma face.
No angles, no filters, no amusing expressions, just me trying hard not to blink.

I’ll never forget the day I got my headshots taken.
It was a cold and wet morning in late December. I’d gotten soaked in the rain on the blustery walk from the station to the photographer’s house.

I arrived slightly flustered as despite concerted efforts to stay dry, my hair had gone frizzy and I didn’t know what I was doing about my makeup.
I wanted to look my best, obviously.
I was both excited and nervous, curious as to how the photos would come out.
The photographer, Andrew was absolutely brilliant.
He put me at ease straight away with a big friendly welcome, a cup of tea and lots of casual chatter about life and what I was up to before taking any actual photos.

I think the pre-shoot-relaxation-process was necessary because minutes into it, I found myself looking at my photos with a real feeling of “WELL NO THAT’S NOT HOW I LOOK IN MY HEAD” 😧😆.

Andrew would show me the shots every few minutes and get this sort of response from me:

“Oh okay..that’s not too bad..okay..BUT WHY IS MY FACE SO UNSYMMETRICAL?!”

“Angela, no one’s face is perfectly symmetrical..” I recall him saying.
I soon found my flow.
He was very encouraging.
I slowly accepted my face from such a head-on, straight-up, no mercies angle.

I got a lot out of those few hours.
Because this wasn’t just a day where I came 100 steps closer to accepting my facial imperfections.
This was a day that re-affirmed my desire to pursue a career in the arts, and to build a life that involved writing and performing as much as possible.
I needed this day.
I needed to be reminded that people do exist, in the real world, as we know it, that write lots and perform lots.
I needed to be reminded that there are people out there, who actually LOVE their work.
They may have multiple jobs.
They may get very little money – if any- for their creative outputs, but they press on, because..because they know what makes them feel alive.

After lots of chatting, and a decent selection of photographs, I left, probably just very tired and slightly delusional, but with that magical feeling of:

“Anything is possible. Keep your mind very very open and work very very hard because, truly, anything is possible.”

*I mean okay, not everything is possible. Certain things are simply not-possible.. I like to cover all my bases and state the obvious.
I should say, “Most things are possible, if you are willing to put the work in…”. The “anything” part is to encourage people to open their minds and allow themselves to dream. And dream big.
But you catch my drift here.
Something you’ve been wanting to do/try for a while? – Take action.
Get your booty into gear. Life’s too short for procrastination.
“If you want it, you’ll make the time, if you don’t, you’ll make excuses..” – or whatever the actual quote is.
So make the time, make it a priority, make it happen. 

One day at a time. Slowly but surely.

Follow @colourfulkind on Instagram for more words like these. 
(Although I’m not normally so motivational-speaker-like..)
I post daily and it is highly likely I will make you smile/smerk.
That is all.

Angela -148



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