What The F Happened this Week: School, No-School and a Dodgy Water Pipe


It is Friday night (well, it was when I wrote this, it is now Sunday evening) and whilst many twenty-somethings (and thirty-somethings and all the somethings..) may be at the pub with their people, sat in front of the TV with their significant others, or just workin, perhaps building a small empire, I am home, lying next to my little human, contemplating how to best nurture my tired soul over the next two hours and, what the f happened this week.

I’ll give you a brief summary:

1.) Mummy became very anxious over a.) Her baby girl starting school and b.) The fact she doesn’t quite know what to do with.. the rest of her life. *Will put a pin in that, I got some ideas, they’re colourful as ever. “Rest of her life” is a big sentence, way too much pressure, a little theatrical, we’ll go with “Rest of the year”. And she knows exactly what she’s doing with the rest of this year…

2.) Anxious Mummy writes a blog post all about her anxieties and receives lots of lovely messages reminding her that her darling will be just fine.

3.) Baby Girl (Maia, soon to be aged 5) started school and absolutely loved it. (Anxious Mummy knew deep down this would be the case and almost felt a little stupid for her irrational levels of anxiety.)


4.) However after two days Maia’s immune system decided she needed a break and she developed a high temperature, which meant missing Wednesday and Thursday. *Hence the above photo, during one of Wednesday’s more perkier moments. She used my watercolours and turned the white blue and the yellow green. I showed her how to clean the brush between colours. “But how am I meant to mix them?!” “In the squares provided!!” “See! Just try and clean the brushes between colours otherwise they’ll all mix together, which is fine if they’re your paints but..THESE ARE MINE!!”

5.) On Thursday (Day 4) we discovered our house had no running water (pipe problems where we live) so I go to Tesco and buy as much bottled water as I can carry. And some Pic N Mix. 64p’s worth. Which I ate on the journey home. (Maia stayed with Grandad. Can’t have her witnessing her Mother scoffing a giant cable at 10:15am).

6.) Household is informed the road will be blocked till 7pm and if we want to go out before that, we should move our car. I had gym plans for that afternoon so I moved the car. Quite a faff with a sick child in tow. (Who refused to stay home with Grandad at that point, they do become clingy when they’re poorly). Bought her a cupcake to make up for all the faff. I end up eating it. I forget bins do exist.

7.) By Day 5, it is clear Maia is better, she returns to school and I return to the comfort of my own shower to find there is barely any hot water and the pressure is a joke. There is still shampoo in my hair as I blow dry it.

I go to the gym, merely to use the showers but manage to break a sweat dancing to Bailando whilst trying to make it look like HIIT. Very hard to move to that song without shaking something. For a moment I wish I could just let go and break into actual dancing – I mean what’s the harm- but there are far too many old people and I wouldn’t want to upstage anyone with my bounciness.

8.) Pick Maia up from school to find she has eaten most of her PACKED-LUNCH (I caved) and had a whale of a time. Still refuses to give me the names of anyone she’s played with or even spoken to. I just keep listing people out and she keeps agreeing. Is it so bad that I just want an hour by hour of her day?! And possibly voice recordings of all her no doubt hilarious conversations?! Things are happening and I am missing it!

9.)Friday afternoon/evening was spent chopping vegetables, drying laundry that should never have gone outside and putting beige blobs into an oven. I also spent far too long sorting through jars.

10.) Tonight, we started The Demon Dentist by David Walliams. I didn’t think she’d be keen. I was right, she fell asleep less than 8 minutes in. I on the other hand was loving it.

And so here we are. There’s my summary. All in all we had a pretty great week. I’m ever so proud. Delighted for her really. And now we even have running water. So everyone can flush again. Ew.





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