Snapshots of Motherhood: Screen Time

“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” 
― Milton Berle

Sometimes when I have 101 things to do I will plonk Leo in front of a selection of books..and turn the T.V on. 
(Favourites are Peppa, Peter Rabbit and Ben & Holly..meaning these are the ones I can bear..). 

I don’t love the idea of him staring at a screen but I prefer it to him climbing the stairs/fiddling with the electricity sockets/crawling under the dining room table and getting stuck. 
Often he will ignore the T.V and opt for a book (albeit occasionally upside down), which makes my heart sing. Other times he’ll be transfixed by all the screen activity. (As above). 

It doesn’t last long, he quickly gets bored and inevitably ends up under the table/in the snack cupboard/emptying the tupperware drawer, but for those quiet few minutes I know he is safe and I am not having to rescue him from anywhere or confiscate old Easter egg chocolate he has found in the cupboard. (Which is what I found him sheepishly munching on today.)


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