365 Outfits..Dressing Up

When I was little I loved to play dress up. What little girl doesn’t love dressing up as a princess, trying on her Mummy’s heels and playing with her makeup? (So not all of them but I could name a few..) I had a few “incidents” with my mother’s makeup, perfume in my eyes, mascara everywhere but my lashes and one afternoon a torn handbag..
Today I pulled out an unworn dress from last year and heels from four years ago.

Wearing heels automatically gives you such a boost- or downward pull depending on how experienced the individual- and not just in the physical sense. Maybe it’s because I rarely wear them, but I’ve read articles where women admit they wouldn’t feel “right” without them, that they couldn’t do their jobs the same without them. VB even damaged her back for the sake of fashion. For the sake of wearing her beloved heels. Is it worth it? What do you think?

Here is outfit #5, with a change of jackets.


Dress from Miss Selfridge (2013), Shiny Silk Zipped Jacket from Zara (2012), Black Office Jacket from Zara (2012), Heels from Primark (2010).


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