“Try me on please…”

Today I did what I really want to avoid doing at the moment. I went to the shops. I didn’t buy anything (apart from the inevitable, food) which I’m very very proud of. 

I’m one of those people that can’t resist a sale, I fall for the big red signs that suggest everything is suddenly of great value when really it’s all just a pile of “stuff” that looks pretty but you really don’t need whether it’s full price or half. Shoes. Bags… And the worst culprit of all, clothes. I love clothes. New clothes in particular. (And recently I’ve grown very fond of new shoes too – “the power of the heel etc…”)

So for the last few months I’ve been doing something, some would say silly, but it keeps me happy and actually gives me a slight thrill.. (No, I don’t shoplift). I walk into my favourite shops, pick up everything I want and try it all on. Try being the key word here. Sometimes I take photos, (which I’ve checked is not against the law). I then leave the store with the self satisfaction that I haven’t spent a penny. Though this particular method of saving money may be frowned upon by shop assistants (and I’d know, I used to be one) it helps me feed my desire to wear new clothes – even just for a few minutes- without actually having to BUY any.

No, I don’t spend every weekend doing this. I’m not that sad.- Just every now and again. Note: if you try this and you find you have the urge to BUY the garment; this feeling is natural, but maybe don’t try this method again, it’s not for everyone.

This is me when pregnant, this faux fur gilet was around £80, way beyond what I could afford and I’m glad I didn’t buy it, as I know I would have rarely worn it. Fun trying on though…


How often do people go clothes shopping? What’s the norm? If it’s often, how long does a garment/shoe/bag/purse satisfy you before you’re looking for a replacement? It seems these material things are becoming a little too disposable, much like food that too often goes to waste, too many of us are losing appreciation for the more important things. That said, if these material things can bring you even a little joy ( like me in my fitting rooms..), I say good for you. Just don’t become too attached…



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