“She did it all natural!

It’s great nowadays you can have your own blog. Your own space to write where people you don’t know can read your thoughts and comment. It’s nice to think you’re making someone smile or laugh. You’re educating someone, opening people’s eyes or giving them food for thought. Blogging has become a powerful tool in many respects. So when I decided to start a blog a couple of months ago I thought I’d do a bit of research, see what I was getting myself in to. “If I’m going to do this, I shall do it properly!”..
Turns out blogging isn’t as simple as one may think. There’s target audience, themes, categories, links, tags, the list goes on. I got a bit submerged in it all…So instead I simply start by writing, from now I shall just see what happens. 

But what to write about. I have many experiences I could document. I have many interests. Psychology. Biology. Languages. Fashion. Art. History. I’m also a mother so do I write about that? I could tell you all about how I gave birth all natural with zero pain relief, that’s always a conversation starter!