365 Outfits..Sister Act

I think of my friend Aimy not only as a friend but often like a sister; sometimes older sometimes younger. We met at 13 and walked to school together everyday. We would make scrapbooks for each other full of our photos, favourite films (Rent), songs and personal jokes. I could easily write pages and pages on this girl, (we have in the past written cards and letters that look more like essays…) but I will save that for another time maybe. She was -and is- a best friend. So when I mentioned that I was behind on outfit posts, she of course offered to help me with some photos.

Here she is with outfit #9. We both went for black and white today.

 I had to take a photo of her beautifully manicured nails and rings!

 White Skater dress from Topshop, Striped jacket from Zara and heels from Miss Selfridge.

Outfit #10

Shirt from Forever 21, Shorts from Zara, Shoes from Dune.