Lost in literature

IMG_8573It is only now, as time is so precious, that I truly appreciate the wonder that is a damn good book. Whether it’s fiction, an autobiography, self-help, whatever your preferences, sometimes nothing beats getting lost in literature.

Above is my pile of reading material for the rest of 2014 (in reality I know I’ll probably only get through two or three, though I’m halfway through a couple already).

I’ve always been interested in Buddhism and the Dalai Lama Autobiography has been truly captivating. Compassion seems to be the ongoing theme, he discusses transforming oneself, transforming the world, our common humanity and many other fascinating issues, but more than anything he offers hope to all of mankind. – Never a bad thing!
It’s heavy going at times and I found myself having to re-read paragraphs to get my head around some of the complex terminology. – I think I picked up the underlying messages.
The man is undoubtedly a hero and this book is a must read for anyone at all interested in spirituality.

So what’s on your reading list for the rest of the year?