If you NEVER did, you SHOULD. These things are FUN and FUN is good.

What do you do on Sundays? Do you go to Church or have any family traditions? Do you all get together for Sunday Lunch?
Well what is meant to be a day of rest becomes quite the opposite in our house. Ever since Maia came along we’ve almost forgotten all about Sunday Roasts, it becomes a day of catching up with the cleaning, laundry and all other undesirable activities. Dad just about manages to go to Church but he’s the only one, each week I aim to go with him.. So yesterday as evening approached and nearly everything chore- related was done I suggested we go out for an evening walk, a local park had recently opened a new play area and we thought we’d take a look. It did not disappoint. Everything was wooden, a gorgeous wood which gave the area such an appealing look, so much more attractive than your average play area.


I could not resist a go on the zip wire, I questioned whether I’d be too heavy (was it really only designed for the children?) but after Mum proved it did indeed bare the weight of adults too, I plonked myself on, not once but countless times (before Mum and Dad said it was time to go…). Did I look stupid? Yes maybe I got a few funny looks from the little girl on the wire next to me, but I was careless and free, and for those few minutes I felt like a child again. *Maya was asleep in my Mum’s arms by this point; she’d had enough of seeing Mummy go back and forth…

So what takes you out of your head and makes you feel like a child again? Whatever it is, never stop doing it!




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