365 Outfits..Let it go 

Minimalism. My neighbours are the epitome of minimalist. They’re home is quite literally the opposite of ours; with it’s open plan layout, large rooms and neutral colour scheme; they’re all ELLE Decoration and we’re all “is someone going to clean up the yoghurt on the floor?”…

Whilst they live with a harmony of blues, whites and greys, we live with; a lot of stuff. Some might call my parents hoarders. I prefer the term collectors; it’s less infuriating to think of large quantities of things as collections. Well whatever I call their behaviour, we are no doubt in hoarder-ville. It’s…crowded here, with a rising population.

So in the bliss that is my bedroom; when I noticed my collections getting a little large, I knew it was time. Time to start letting go. Letting it all go. Letting some of it go. Maybe just a few tops. Oh it’s a slippery slope to hoarder-ville.

Here is outfit #42

IMG_7080 IMG_7081 IMG_7094 IMG_7097 IMG_7100 IMG_7109 IMG_7196

Playsuit – Zara

Heels – Zara

Necklace – Topshop

Bracelet – Wallis

Bag – Therapy by House of Fraser


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