HELLO OCTOBER, Hello Fashion Journalism

Big Hello to the special month of October. Why does October stick out above all the other months? Well this time last year my baby’s due date was fast approaching and I knew I could go into labour at any point..

So hello to my daughter’s Birthday, hello exciting Fashion Journalism course and hello Halloween…I’m loving October already.

It may be nearing the end of 2014 but October spells new beginnings for me. Yesterday I began an 8 week Fashion Journalism course at Central Saint Martins in London. It was a fascinating and insightful night to say the least.
I was very impressed by the tutor, an experienced and well accomplished Fashion Journalist; she clearly knew her stuff. Sharp, savvy, knowledgable and a friendly face too, she harboured the kind of sophistication I can only hope to achieve one day!



IMG_8504I thoroughly enjoyed getting the insiders view of what life as a fashion journalist was like; a day might involve sipping champagne from 9am till 6pm whilst hopping from event to event then back to the office of course in the evening. The glamorous side comes not without the grind; journalists are known to work irregular hours and often aren’t home for dinner, or even breakfast if you’re on the road.

First impressions? Fabulous evening, I was left captivated and determined to learn more. The fashion industry never sleeps and last night I didn’t want to, I felt like staying up and doing research but my body told me otherwise.

Well I hope you all have enjoyable Octobers, whatever you have planned! I’ll leave you with a few photos of the fountains outside the CSM building, we all thought they were pretty awesome.





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