Interview with Carys Davies on style, confidence and supermarket chic

IMG_0034Our task this week -at Introduction to Fashion Journalism– was to interview our partner (we were paired up) on personal style. We had 15 questions. We then had to write it up as a 500 word feature , this is what I came up with…

“Carys Davies on style, confidence and supermarket chic.

She sews, blogs and plays the violin, all with a unique flair. What does the Welsh born Carys Davies have to say about Fashion?

Carys Davies, a Fine Art Painting and Drawing graduate from Cardiff is telling me how she’s rediscovered her love of textiles and just begun sewing again in her spare time; she’s currently working with sequins. “I’ve just bought a book on patterns and prints” She’s excited, clearly a creative soul and goes on to mention the blog she’s just started.

We’re sitting in the Central Saint Martins building in a cosy booth, she’s wearing a modest teal jumper, skinny jeans and tan wedged boots. Carys describes her personal style as easy going and sticks to colour palettes of mainly blues blacks and pinks. “I don’t tend to wear much red or green”, we won’t catch her in a Christmas jumper this year then.

A high street girl at heart; Zara, River Island and John Lewis are among her favourite stores. A black evening dress from House of Fraser is the most expensive item in her wardrobe; “It’s a maxi with a tulip drape, I wear it when I’m performing in concerts, I play the violin”. The 30 year old is obviously multitalented; music and art are no doubt only a couple of her many skills.

There’s definitely more to Carys than meets the eye. Not your classic young creative type; she doesn’t dress in a wannabe trying too hard fashion. Sophisticated, tasteful and mature but not boring, she’s sure of herself, but this wasn’t always the case. If she could give her former self of ten years ago one piece of fashion advice it would be to “Be more confident and not as conservative. Looking back I don’t think I was a confident as I thought I was. I’d say not to worry about what other people think too much”. In the spirit of not caring what others think, is there a look she’d like to try? “If I could get away with it, alternative punk, edgy hairstyles, they probably wouldn’t suit me”.

Insurance company employee by day, Fashion Journalism student by night, Carys has a mild exterior but there’s a quiet confidence about her. When posed with the all-important flats or heels question, she without hesitation replies heels. A pleasure to talk to with her witty and cheerful persona, Carys is probably the softest spoken person I’ve ever met; she exudes a feeling of warmth and sincerity.

What about the gorgeous watch she’s wearing? “It’s from Sainsburys, I used to have an expensive one, it was a graduation present from my parents but it was stolen, so I bought a cheap one” The fact her wrist wear is from a grocery store is somewhat refreshing; not everything we buy has to be a luxury item or a statement piece, a watch is for telling the time after all. On that note, it soon chimes nine o’clock, time to get back to those sequins.”

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