Untitled icingThis week we celebrated my daughter’s first birthday. A whole year old, and what a year it’s been. Amazing would be the word that springs to mind, even though I can’t remember the last time I slept the whole night through.

All complaints aside, my daughter is without doubt the most wonderful, magical thing that has ever happened to me.

This weekend I intend to celebrate her with all my best friends, who happen to adore her nearly as much as I do.
I’ve invited them over to eat cake and make a big fuss over the fact she’s 1. It’s Fancy dress- because why not? Children’s Fancy Dress.
Some great texts I’ve had this week asking if anyone’s coming as Mary Poppins, Tinkerbell, Pocahontas.. It’ll certainly be a diverse crowd. A flock of characters from across the story time years.

Three words: I can’t bake. This small issue aside, the plan was to attempt a fabulous two-tiered intricately decorated “flower and butterfly” themed cake for my daughter. But three days before Pocahontas and Minney Mouse are due to come over and my practice icing session does not go well. This icing does not resemble that of the elaborate Birthday cakes on Pinterest.
I quickly vetoed the idea of making the cake myself, and bought two iced but undecorated cakes in Waitrose. I get the fun of sticking on the wafer flowers and silver balls without the hassle of checking for moistness and good flavour. I reiterate: I can’t bake.
Yet. I intend to practice, when I get a free afternoon. I.e. Not anytime soon.

Here’s to an eventful and productive rest-of-October, Halloween is round the corner, costumes ready yes?


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