Tea at The Hilton.. Choose your friends wisely 

“True friendship isn’t about being inseparable, it’s being separated and nothing changes” 


Sisters. I don’t have any per-se but I have a couple of friends who are like sisters to me. Aimy is one of them. She knows everything there is to know.
Recently she took me for tea at The Hilton hotel near where we live. 
I feel we’re moving up in the world for five years ago this would have been Pizza Hut, the year before that McDonalds. (Not that I don’t still love McFlurrys, or the Filet o Fish… It’s fish, it doesn’t count as fast food…) 
I wore my new Mac Lipstick, she wore a gorgeous trench coat. We had scones. Scones, mini salmon bagels, mini ham sandwiches, mini chocolate tarts. Mini everything. I felt oh so posh, very spoilt, and a little bloated. 

IMG_3350 IMG_3347 IMG_3345


What do I love most about this woman? Besides her ability to make anything amusing; she speaks the truth. Her honesty, positivity and self- belief is catching. She’s just that person you want to spend time with. 

So the message here? Surround yourself with people that make you feel good. Choose your friends wisely. Life’s too short. 

Without using the word blessed… Oh but it’s a good word, I am indeed blessed to have such amazing friends, individuals who’ve supported me through -putting it lightly- some rather unfortunate circumstances. So don’t take for granted your friendships, cherish them; these are the people you’ll grow old with. We hope. Here’s to friendship, both the ancient and the blossoming. Have a Happy Tuesday all! 



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