365 Outfits…So Freakin’ Tight


The Little Black Dress. It receives so much attention but let’s not forget it’s younger sibling. The Little Grey Dress. Spotting this LGD in the Zara sale (obviously it would be Zara; it’s now always either Zara, Topshop or Mango; it seems motherhood has slimmed down my social life and the time I have to shop, there’s no such thing as browsing any more; it’s get in get out. Fine by me.) I make a bee line for the Spanish clothing-heaven dragging my mother and daughter with me; three generations on the prowl for a bargain. (Okay so my eighteen month old can’t even say the word bargain but it won’t be long). We laid eyes on the LGD simultaneously; my mother and I have a similar eye. It got to come home with us.

The LBD should watch out, it might just be over taken by it’s younger sibling. Though in my wardrobe; both LD’s populations are rising steadily. 

Outfit #43






Dress, Jacket and Shoes – Zara

Bag – Therapy by House of Fraser

Bracelet – Wallis 

Lipstick – Ruby Woo Mac




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