365 Outfits…The Epitome of Cool


The leather look, because who buys real leather trousers? Calling all biker-women… (Are there any? Do women ride motorbikes in this country? If so where do you put your children?).

Only in the Philippines have I ridden a motorbike. I’ve enjoyed many hair raising trips. (Nope, no I haven’t; each journey was less Fast and Furious and more… Slow and Precautious..). One time I found myself sat behind a guy with a bandanna. He was the epitome of cool. So cool he didn’t need a helmet. We’re both helmet-less, I cling on wondering whether I look as cool as I feel in the photographs my mum snaps of me on our throw-away camera (I was seven, he had tattoos). We arrived safely despite the helmet-less-ness. Would thoroughly recommend head gear more substantial than a bandanna. (Unless you have long hair; in which case stick to the bandanna, or better yet; get in a car).


IMG_9518 IMG_9521 IMG_9524 IMG_9531


IMG_9543 IMG_9545 IMG_9561 IMG_9566IMG_9504IMG_9506

Look #52: Leather look trousers- TKMaxx, White Shirt- GAP, Jacket – Debenhams, Trainers- Dune, Necklace- Topshop 



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