365 Outfits..Kim who?


Kim who?” The reply from someone you’d think had been living under a rock. My Aunty Ruth does live out in the countryside, and has zero interest in celebrity culture – good for her- at sixty nine years of age she doesn’t have a clue who Kim and Kanye are and as far as she’s concerned North West still means North West. I couldn’t believe she hadn’t heard of her, I mean the woman is everywhere. Well clearly not, clearly she can be missed; even that big bum bum of hers.

When I opened LOVE magazine to find yet another interview with KKW, I thought “really? Again? She’s taken over every magazine I’ve ever read! She’ll be in Home and Garden next. Does the woman ever take a day off?“. Kim’s the girl we’d love to hate. We’d love to think what a vain greedy bitch with a whale of a backside. But we don’t. We love her. She’s a beautiful woman with a figure that glorifies curves and living proof that we come in all shapes and sizes. -Including ones you can balance champagne glasses on. Naked.

So why do I bring up KKW on a Fashion blog? She’s not a designer or a catwalk model. Apart from the fact Anna Wintour agreed to stick her on Vogue last year; – meaning she’s officially a Fashion Insider, appearing in Vogue is like an initiation into the Fashion World, it’s like congrats you’re in!..- she dresses alright too. I mean it’s never boring. All the Givenchy, Balmain, Jean Paul Gaultier…..Occasionally you think “why!? Why? Why?!”, but most of the time; well done to her. It must be hard dressing that posterior. I sometimes wonder whether she gets bored of it and just wants a more average bum, one which wouldn’t – on it’s own- support a champagne glass.

I think we can agree she brings something different to the table, be it her style, her choice of baby names or her deep love of contouring. Many say she is talentless but I will argue that taking the perfect selfie is not easy, few will ever master it and the woman has some skill. (She also carries herself well in the public eye; no drugs or viscous attacks on men with big cameras.) Could she  do more in her powerful position to help the world be a better place? Of course, but so could many celebrities. 

To KKW; may she continue her reign as Queen of Facial Sculpting and Winner of World’s most photographed bottom. Long live the Queen.







Look #51: Dress – GAP, Heels – Zara, Bag – Therapy by House of Fraser


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