365 Outfits…Cog in the Machine


The white T-Shirt. I have about seven. You’ve got big and baggy, short and baggy, stretchy and tight, tight and cropped, V-Kneck, round neck, Polo neck…-We all need options.

T-Shirts are an integral part of my S.A.H.M uniform. A cog in the machine. Without them I’d have to wear tops with thin straps that in the summer reveal my big Nursing Bra straps. No one wants to see that. So I cover it all with a cardigan, then I begin to sweat and it’s all so stressful I wish I’d worn a breezy T-Shirt.

Here is one of my breezy T-Shirts with some not-so-breezy trousers. Yes I love the print but they’re just not comfortable when it’s hot out. Areas of skin get stuck to the material. So glamorous.


“Oh you…”


Yes I am aware that my hair is rather grey in parts here; it’s either the lighting or motherhood has officially aged me by twenty years or so…. We will all have grey hair one day.

IMG_8457 IMG_8473

“SINGLE peace out”


“DOUBLE peace out”

IMG_8482 IMG_8485

It’s all too much so I feel the need to support my heavy head with the back of my hand.


“Give me a right angle!”…..sort of



What a view…

Look #56: Top and Trousers – Zara, Heels – New Look 


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