365 Outfits…Stripped Right Back


Back to basics today. Stripped right back. No bra straps in sight, no bra for that matter. Nothing holding my boobies in place but the Playsuit itself. This one wasn’t all that playful. If I breathed out, it wasn’t comfortable; but if I sucked in it’d fall down a few centimetres. So I tried to relax but was too conscious of one of my breasts popping up. (Y’know to say hello and join the party.) I soon worked out if I kept as still as possible and breathed normally the tightness would become bearable and my breasts would remain in optimum positioning. Well that meant no playing with the camera and that’s all part of the fun. I settled for readjusting the Playsuit every few shots. It’s not ladylike to be tugging here and there every few minutes. May have to sew straps on if I’m going to wear this out. It’s doubtful I’d last the night without one of them falling out.

Not to mention the footwear. I’d need some form of training to wear these on a night out. How do women wear these stilts? (These don’t even look high, but they are..) And how do they dance? I’ve seen them on the dance floor, knees slightly bent; awkwardly shift from one side to the other. It must take years of experience before the fear of twisting an ankle subsides.

Here’s how I got on with my highly mobile breasts and heels I could barely move in (notice how I only change position twice):



IMG_9808 IMG_9813


The ghostly white skin in this picture? I don’t get it either. I’m more of a healthy-glow type person than a walking-dead…My mother is Filipino and I’m happy with my –usually- olive/slightly yellow skin tone. This (above) I could not get used to; with the dark hair I’m something from a bad horror film. (Saying that, aged around 12, classmates would ask me to pretend to be Samara from The Ring. This was achieved by placing all my hair – which wasn’t even that long- over my face and sticking my arms out – much like a Scare-Crow- and pretending to climb out of a TV). Some looked genuinely afraid. (*That’s not to say pale skin and dark hair can’t look fabulous; I think it can look very chic; it just wasn’t the look I was going for here.)

Look #57: Playsuit and Choker – Topshop, Heels – Miss Selfridge 


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