365 Outfits…Young and Fabulous

IMG_1341This weekend I was too hot and bothered to attempt anything visually exciting. I wouldn’t even call this one an outfit; it’s grey on grey with a hint of gold and a splatter of sequins. (One of which I found in my Spaghetti Bolognese that night…*ahem* inadequate stitching…*)
Here I am doing my best “It’s Summer and I feel young and fabulous” impression.- When really I’m exhausted and find myself becoming irritable in the heat.


IMG_1335 IMG_1337 Lesson #1: Find your best angle; stick with it… Lesson #2: Simultaneously smile and pout at the same time…(unless you’re going for the moody-look, which I appear to be here) Lesson #3: Try your best not to look like a twat; not always easy
IMG_1348 IMG_1356


Look #66: Top – Miss Selfridge, Jeans & Heels – New Look, Bag – House of Fraser, Choker – Topshop


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