365 Outfits…Happy to get Dirty


An easy one today as I actually wear this in my day-to-day life. (Unlike some of my other outfits which are more figments of my imagination; me going to Waitrose in a tank top with no bra, to the bank in my power woman trousers and heels or to a play date in a sequinned skirt and clunky jewellery.) Nope in real life; this is what I adorn.  

Here I feel I give off a “Fun-Mum-on-the-move” aura. The faded jeans and semi-comfortable boots say I’m a practical dresser and happy to get dirty and the animal print jumper balances this with but I’m also effortlessly cool, y’know like a leopard.  This jumper is great in theory but I do hate the way collar necks manage to wipe half your bronzer off in one fell swoop as you try and get it on/off. This one is particularly challenging. Nevertheless it is warm and I am grateful for the lack of fastenings. (Zips and buttons blahh.) 

As you may or may not be able to tell; I let loose and attempted to dye my hair. Attempt being the operative word. I had no plan and it showed in the execution. The hair dye was dolloped on in a sloppy fashion and therefore unevenly distributed. Hence the light and dark blocks. Three years I now have to wait for it to grow out. Three streaky years. Friends say it’s not that bad and some assure me it’s not even noticeable. But I listen only to my mother and her look of disappointment when I informed her I’d dyed it said it all. I am just glad it didn’t go purple, or even worse mousy brown. 



But where does it all come from? Look #79: Jumper and Jeans – Topshop, Boots – Dune, Hair – Genetics, an ageing box of Garnier Nutrisse and a Single Mother’s erratic behaviour. 



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