Confessions of a Shopaholic: A Beeline for Literature


It seems I have transferred my love of buying new clothes onto a whole new area. Books. Second hand books to be specific. Now that I’m no longer pulled like a magnet to giant SALE signs, I find myself searching for Charity shops anywhere I go. Once inside, I make a beeline for the literature. We’re talking £1 for a book that’s not even old. How had I not discovered this before? This was a hugely untapped resource.

I’d always enjoyed buying books on Amazon, but after seeing a programme on the poor treatment of Amazon employees in those giant warehouses, I now think twice before placing an order.

I spent £16.50 on thirteen books in Cancer Research. Books I’d wanted when they first came out, full price, and now I had them for £1.50 each. AND I’d given to charity. Well you see where this is going. Weeks went by and I needed my thrill. One stop at Oxfam, another at Hospice Care; twelve books later and I was laden with everything from Jane Austen to Eckhart Tolle. For once I didn’t feel guilty that “I might not wear it much” or “there’s no space in my wardrobe”. These books felt right. I would read each and every one of these books.

So I cannot buy clothes, but that’s just fine, as now I have more time for Mr McIntyre, Jonathan (Ross) and fellow shopaholic Rebecca Bloomwood. Next stop: the Library…



    1. I just love books in charity shops as you never know what you might find! It’s such a joy haha.. Now to make the time to sit down and read all these books, they’re piling up but they make me so happy haha.. Thank you for the comment! Xx yesterday dug out some of my children’s books and just want to read them all again now!

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      1. I like how you said ‘make time’ lol… I love to read and there just seems to be too many books, not enough time! Being able to help a charity, while also indulging in my passions is a wonderful feeling for sure!


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