365 Outfits..Put Together


This is one of those garments that I struggle to name. Is it a coat? – Surely not, coats keep your arms warm. It’s a sort of sleeveless coat; we’ll go with that.

I am very happy with my not-so-new-but-barely-worn-therefore-intending-to-wear-much-more-of little bit of elegance, (well little bit of Topshop). It’s very much an indoor piece as it just not practical for the British Winter, with it’s lack of hoods, zips and arms; its basically a Summer accessory..But practical or not it really helps me feel well-dressed, y’know put-together. ..And then Maia smears something -not always edible- on it and I’m reminded why it’s foolish to wear nice things in the company of a two year old…




Look #85: Sleeveless Coat – Topshop, Black Top – H & M, Jeans – REPLAY, Boots – Dune


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