My 5 Favourite Cupboard-Super-Foods

As much as I love food, I think I still have a long way to go before I can say I love being in the kitchen.

I enjoy throwing a nutritious meal together, but I’d still rather be in the dining room than behind the stove. I can cook, I know how to make boring things taste good, but I’m not particularly skilled yet. I’ve never made a fish pie from scratch, or a lasagne, or any such hearty meals. – I’ve never made bread.

So when I was thinking of what my next post might be, it sort of surprised me that food even crossed my mind. (The only time I’ve ever written about food on the blog was discussing my on/off relationship with refined sugar.)

But I started this blog to write about life, personal-development and happiness. –  And diet and  nutrition play such a huge part in a person’s happiness and wellbeing, so it made sense to include something diet related. (No recipes or nutritional information, God no..)

There are some amazing food blogs out there, and some really spectacularly elaborate Instagram profiles; that both intimidate and inspire me. – I do feel I’m just at the beginning of my mission to try and eat healthier. I do my best to incorporate little boosts of the super-food wherever I can, and try new things every so often. (Today for instance, I made Kale crisps for the first time, they tasted like Seaweed, I loved them but Dad just pretended not to hear when I offered him a taste).

Below are all the non-fresh staples I always have in my cupboard. Whether these are officially super-foods or not I do not know but when you pay as much as you do for 300g of chia, you really start believing it is in fact a super-food.

So here are my current top 5 cupboard-semi-super-foods:

* All rather breakfast/sweet-treat related.


I jumped on the chia train towards the end of last year and have never looked back. I sprinkle it on my weetabix, porridge, yoghurt, berries…Also it just sort of sounds good; I like the word, chia.


These little beauties work to liven up my boring weetabix with a bit of crunch. Again I sprinkle these on my porridge and yoghurt. (I even went through a stage of carrying them around in my bag in a small Tupperware, I feel, nutritionally, I’ve come on leaps and bounds this year..)


This stuff makes things taste chocolatey without all the excess sugar. My good friend Beth had the joyful experience of tasting one of my cacao/chia/chocolate-wafer smoothies. Yes, I use my Nutribullet not for vegetable soups or kale smoothies, but to blend chocolate wafer bars with chia and milk, in effect making a chocolate milkshake.


You know you’re amongst positive influences when they bring you Coconut Oil as a gift. Aimy bought me this a few months ago and I use it all the time.

It’s a healthy alternative to butter when baking and I’ll use it in my sugar-free banana bread… (that isn’t really so sugar free when you factor in the maple syrup and raisins). Because yes, I make sugar-free banana bread. (And that’s about the only healthy alternative to cake I will make. 99% of the time it’s sugar/butter/eggs all the way.)( Though things have come a long way since the days I’d come home from school and melt a bar of chocolate and just eat it out of the bowl, with a spoon, before licking it clean, often all before dinner.)



I’ll add this to everything mentioned above. It’s supposed to help regulate blood sugar levels. Plus I just love opening my spices cupboard, I don’t use spices all that often  so reaching for a touch of cinnamon makes me feel all…Nigella.

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