Confessions of a Single Mother: My 2016

Because yes we can donate, we can pray, we can hope, but innocent people still continue to die every day. Praying doesn’t make the news reports any easier to swallow.
But that doesn’t mean we stop praying. 
Personally, 2016 has been, well, pretty amazing.
10.) I posted on the blog everyday for over two months, something I’d been meaning to do all year.
My highlight?
Aside from Milan (I love flying, and hotels, and Italy so it was a the dream trip) and the play (I’d been wanting to try local theatre for years, and the cast are just wonderful) it would have to be celebrating Maia’s third birthday with her Babcia from Poland. They don’t see each other often, and her Babcia was simply besotted with her. I only wish they could have spent more time together.
I am -as always- grateful for the amazing people that made my year so special. Most will have appeared on the blog in some form; either in this post -an ode to female friendships- or elsewhere. I couldn’t have got through the year without them.

“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.”

― Meister Eckhart



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