Confessions of a Single Mother: Messy and Inconvenient


So it’s the New Year, I have my resolutions/goals blue-tacked to the side of a chest of drawers at the foot of my bed, I’ve made lists of the books and plays I want to read over the next few weeks, I’ve begun researching workout guides…and what happens;


My body stops me in my tracks.

I was mildly poorly on New Year’s but fought through, the alcohol helped.

Then I had the last few days of my internship, which I really didn’t want to miss, so continued powering through; sitting with my coat on inside the office.
Then there was RENT on Thursday, which we had tickets to, and that a cold, sore throat, cough and mild temperature was not going to prevent me from enjoying.

Yesterday I remained attached to my bed for most of the day. I read a play – Proof – which I loved – watched some YouTubers, blew my nose 1000 times, had about nine hot beverages, two nosebleeds, and only left my bed to pee and make lunch.

Then in the evening I decided I needed a distraction from all the illness and nose bleeds. Hannah came over with her amusing anecdotes and general loveliness. We sat and ate pizza with Crazy Stupid Love on in the background, stopping conversation only to stare at Ryan Gosling. It was wonderful.

Today I was supposed to see friends for lunch, but I remain glued to my bed once again. I woke up to a nose bleed. -It’s awfully messy and inconvenient; you have to sit there, pinching your nose waiting for your body to get it’s shit together, you don’t move for fear of dripping blood onto a cream carpet. Then there are often pillow cases and sheets that need changing afterwards.

But hey ho, seven days in and I’ve actually – despite the illness – had a rather sparkly 2017 so far. – Lots of wonderful people, one amazing musical, plenty of healthy food – and not so healthy, no diets here – and one hilarious night in watching beautiful people that don’t have Kleenex stuck up their noses.

Bring on a healthier week two.

Or just lots more tissues.



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