A Little Life Update: Play-Time, The National Youth Theatre & Poland


I know, I’ve been a bad blogger. In the blogging world, leaving your blog unattended for over two whole weeks is a big no-no. But hey ho, I’m back now, and I intend to stick around on more of a consistent basis. ( She says, re-calling saying the exact same thing just a few short months ago..)

So why the hiatus? Well..May was a busy month. (As was April, and March, and..you get the jist..). May even more so because I had my performances of “Love, Loss and What I Wore” at my local theatre. Six fabulous women, an awesome director and one very special play. It was a very stripped back play; with the six of us all dressed in black, sat on stools throughout, with minimal props.


The play was made up of monologues, scenes and ensemble pieces; with each scene telling a different story; all relating to pieces of clothing. Some scenes made me laugh, others made me want to cry; but each and every story was heartfelt and relatable because each was based on interviews with real people. They were true stories. We all played multiple roles which was an experience in itself. (I’d never performed in a Latina accent before; that was a first..)


Stage Photography by George Riddell. 

As always with my local theatre; I worked with some hilarious and wonderfully talented people, who taught me a great deal and strengthened my love of performing.



Pre-performance: my hair was washed and relatively neat, plus I rarely wear skirts; so of course I needed to capture these small feats. 


On the night of our second performance, close friend Hannah came by to deliver flowers and spread some good luck-love (she’s an excellent florist @lilyandliz). She left, and I headed back to the dressing room, checking my emails as I walked. I was eagerly awaiting the result of an audition I’d taken part in earlier in the year. I’d convinced myself I hadn’t got in, I didn’t want to let myself think otherwise, but then I saw the email. “Congratulations…”. I gasped.

“What?” they all said in the dressing room.
“I got into The National Youth Theatre!”…

And there it was. The moment I realised I really did want to become an actor. The moment I realised I was going to give this acting thing a real shot. I remember for about 24 hours, I couldn’t stop smiling. Then the reality began to sink in and fear began to bubble up to the surface. “What if I can’t do it?! What if I don’t know Shakespeare well enough?! What if I CAN’T EVEN REALLY ACT?!”

Such positive thoughts have since settled down, but I’m still nervous.
Nervous, happy and f****** excited. 

IMG_0595After the play finished and I’d calmed down from my happy news, I celebrated my 24th birthday with several gatherings, all involving food and most importantly lots of cake. (The poster my Mum had made is still up in our dining room, it is likely to remain up for the next 2-3 months. It is a Sweet-Sixteen style poster with photos of me and Happy Birthday Angel in italics..Some would find it cringey. I love it. (The photos are well chosen). I also love that she had it made especially in the Philippines, and it somehow survived the flight back without getting crumpled.

A few days after turning 24 – no, I don’t feel old, I’m just happy to be alive, with good hair and strong teeth– I took Maia to Poland to stay with her Dad’s side of the family. We spent a few nights with her Aunty Monika, and a few with her Babcia and Dziadek (Grandma and Grandad).  It was a wonderful trip, packed with days out and visits from close family friends.


I came home with a sense of relief, that finally Maia had spent time with family that longed to see her. This was Maia’s first trip to Poland, and abroad, and it was important to me. She’d met some of her family before, but we’d never really spent more than a day together, so it was really quite special to be there for a few nights, to get to know them a little more and experience their way of life. I soon realised, her family – my family-  were much like my own. – Kind, loving, hard working people. We laughed and joked and ate home-made pizza, I felt..at home. 

All I could think in all the in-between moments was how much love these people had for Maia and I. I could not have felt more welcomed. And each day, I noticed how happy Maia was to be there, I remember thinking “We must come back here…often..”. 

(Further posts on the trip to come, there are too many photos to cram into  one post..). 

So whilst May went by in a flash, June is looking to be much the same.

I look forward to sharing these crazy messy adventures with you.

One blog post at a time.

(…Or Instagram post, I’m on Instagram (@colourfulkind) and Twitter (@AngieGarwood) daily now so come be nosy over there.




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