Treading the Spiritual Path: I am exactly where I am meant to be.


I just came from a rather..energising meditation session. Now I do not partake in this activity regularly. It has not yet become part of my daily routine, but after today’s session; it absolutely will have to be crammed in there somewhere.


After reading The Universe Has Your Back, The Inner Fix, Light is the New Black and several other spiritual self-help books ( I’m becoming a bit of a Spirit Junkie..); the message is blaring at me loud and clear: MEDITATE, EVERY DAY… JUST DO IT. 


All Zenned out in a Salt Cave in Poland…

So today, after spending a lovely afternoon in town with Maia and close friend Liz, a joyful soul who never fails to lift my spirits; I felt inspired to sit down, breathe deeply and tune in.

I knew a guided meditation would be more do-able as I was too tired to try and focus on a completely silent session. So I downloaded Rebecca Campbell’s Light Sourcing Meditation and, well, listened in. It was amazing. Turns out, when you really focus on something, and go all in, magic really does start to happen. I was able to really listen to what she was saying, and in the process clear my head of all meaningless chatter. Picturing a white and golden flow of light and energy entering my body, I physically felt as if I was being lit up, energised and cleared of all negativity and frustrations. Seven minutes later, I didn’t want to stop, I was ready for my next meditation.


I moved onto another guided meditation on Addictive Daughter (Persia Lawson and Joanne Bradford, authors of The Inner Fix) and this time, something I can’t quite describe happened. Towards the end of the meditation, I felt this sudden surge of energy rush through me. I wanted to get up and jump around, to release this energy. Instead, I smiled, opened my eyes and noticed things, objects around my room with a real vividness to them. – With a possibility. Everything from my personal development and spirituality books, to notebooks full of thoughts and ideas, to a camera I knew I’d be using to film videos. For the first time in a while I felt…potential. I felt opportunity. I felt the wisdom and guidance I’d been reading about for months. It was all encompassing.

Maybe every little thing I was doing really was adding up to something. 

Being a full-time Mother can leave one feeling rather directionless career-wise, but throughout both meditations I felt anything but directionless, I felt like I was exactly where I was meant to be. The acting, the blogging, even the art and textiles I dabble in when I get the chance; in my twenty minutes of meditation I trusted that all these dots would connect.

It was an amazing feeling, and I didn’t want it to end. So I rushed to my laptop to try and describe the feeling, to remember it, because there was a shift within me tonight; and I want to see where this leads. I want to build on this feeling, practice it daily and make it last.

I felt trust, and connection, and peace and gratitude, and energy, all at once and it was brilliant. Brilliant and beautiful. And to all those people who practice meditation every day and encourage others to do the same: YES YES YES. AMEN. 

Finally, the words of every spiritual book and interview I’ve ever watched with a spiritual teacher are sinking in.

I am treading a path where I feel at home, where I feel both excited and comforted, and where I experience freedom, certainty and truth. 

It’s pretty freakin awesome.



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