Oxford, U.K Part II: The Botanical Gardens


A few snaps of our little visit to The Botanical Gardens in Oxford. As with all the places mentioned in my previous Oxford post, if you’re ever in the city, the gardens are well worth a visit.



Seeing these two together was adorable. “SACK OF POTATOES, LETS PLAY SACK OF POTATOES AGAIN!!”. (Isa would carry her and pretend she was a sack of potatoes..Now this is a game I rarely play with Maia as I often find myself in situations where I end up carrying her and, given her age and height, she very quickly feels like..two sacks of potatoes. No pretence necessary..)

IMG_1383I think it was my Mum who set me off as a literal tree-hugger. I’m not sure when it started but I do recall the words “hug the tree!! Yep like that!!” coming from her mouth at some point. I’m not really a nature/outdoorsy girl but I like the idea of Maia carrying on this..behaviour.

IMG_1421IMG_1425IMG_1427Maia loves maps, any kind of map. She likes to inform us of the way: “I think…it’s THIS way!!”.  This map came all the way home with us, and when we ventured out the next day she asked “WHERE IS MY MAP?! I NEED MY MAP!”. 

IMG_1404Always happy to smile for a photograph; it was truly a pleasure showing this woman round. (Not that I was showing her round exactly..I’d never been to the gardens before so it was as much an adventure for me as for her..)

IMG_1418I was quite proud of this shot.



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