“Mummy your Boobies look like my Barbie’s”….

I’ve noticed a bit of a theme developing recently with some of the comments Maia makes, in particular reference to my chest area. It’s only very occasionally, not everyday, and we’re still at the point where we all find it quite funny; so all I can do is share the amusement and hope as she gets older, she doesn’t inform me of the presence of my breasts in public quite so audibly.

On one occasion, a few nights ago, we had this short exchange whilst she was washing her Barbie’s hair:

“Mummy your boobies look like this!”

*pointing at the very perky breasts of her Barbie doll*

“Really? Do they?”

“Yes they look like this Mummy!”

“Well that’s fabulous..”

I was of course secretly thrilled that she’d even associated the hard, plastic, nipple-free pointy “breasts” of her doll with my post-extended-breastfeeding human equivalents. It was, in some strange way, a sort of ego boost.
It is fascinating to consider how much they understand at this age. At what point do they gather that pointing to your Mummy’s chest and shouting “BOOBIES” is not considered appropriate. (Tesco, we were in Tesco when this happened).

Whilst I do not encourage Maia’s enthusiasm for my chest area, I do sort of find it rather amusing. Somehow she KNOWS a person’s boobies are way more hilarious than say, a person’s legs or arms.

Sometimes, if I’m getting changed and she happens to be in the room, she will point and refer to my boobs in some way.
The other day, I was putting a t-shirt on her and when she was all ready she said:

 “I feel like a woman! I feel like a Busty woman!”

Now I’ve never used the term busty so I do not know where she picked that up, I have a feeling she made it up herself and by coincidence it happened to fit; but the child seems to simply love referring to boobs.
It happened again this morning lining up for Nursery. She spontaneously looked up at me, pointed to a breast and said quietly “Mummy’s got boobies” then giggled. Unsure of whether anyone had heard, I began talking about something completely random to move on from the statement. – The entirely accurate and harmless statement.
She’s cottoned on to how amusing her booby comments are, and will continue to milk (excuse the pun) her cuteness for all it’s worth. ( Could this all be because I breastfed for so long? Surely not…)

So far it’s just boobs. And we could all use a booby joke every now and again. Apparently mine look like Barbie’s.. (well yes Barbie at 55..).
At this point, I’d say her behaviour was pretty standard for her age. Nothing wildly inappropriate has come of it. Yet..




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