Budapest: Buda Castle’s District

Day TWO in Budapest involved walking across the Chain Bridge in the rain – and wind- and taking the funicular up the hill to Buda Castle (which I was actually mildly apprehensive about, I mean it was a steep hill, and very windy, and I’m not as happy with heights as I used to be – how can a person’s fear grow bigger with age?..).

I wandered round taking in the views – out across the river and on the opposite side, across the hills. I took my time going from one tourist spot to the next, and was even approached by some English guys who recognised me from the airport. – (Hard not to recall my disgruntled being as I stood in the gate minutes before boarding, piling jumper after jumper onto my already over-heated body, my backpack would not zip up, so I wore them all, like a pro). 

Them: “Hey! You were on our flight from Gatwick! Easyjet?”
Me: “Ahaha yeppppp…“. We then exchanged what we’d been up to etc etc. Always nice to see two highly unfamiliar – yet sort of familiar- faces.

I spent a good hour or so in Matthias Church, just sitting there in quiet contemplation…..I realised after a few minutes with my eyes closed, that no I was not meditating, I was just falling asleep. I decided this was absolutely fine, and that none of the tourists around me would care/notice. So I had a half-conscious-sort-of nap right there on the pew. It was wonderful. I turned around to find a couple doing the same thing, although I think they were actually praying. I prayed a little myself. I later eavesdropped on a tour guide educating his keen followers, taking in snippets of knowledge, then left the church with that refreshing feeling you get after a well-timed nap. The sun was setting by this point and I was keen (bat-shit-crazy-move-out-of-my-way-eager) to capture it.

I was approached – I was approached a lot that day – by an old-ish German man offering to take a photo of me with the sunset. He was very sweet, asking all about my trip and telling me where he’d been, where his wife was from, how he’d visited the Philippines a few times, he clearly wanted to chat but all I could think was awh he’s nice, but it’s getting very cold and I really just want to get into the warm now…I said my goodbyes after a few minutes; “It was lovely to meet you! Have a good evening! I have to run and catch the sunset!”. So I ran and I caught it. Both stills and a video. (Below).

Matthias Church

Hospital in the Rock




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