Budapest: Heroes’ Square, St Stephen’s Basilica and The Hungarian Agricultural Museum

Today Maia is under the weather, – the kind where you cough so much you vomit, poor child- and therefore staying home from nursery. Still her usual self, she is sat on the floor playing with her dinosaurs, sniffling away and making our living room look like a Toys R Us truck exploded in here overnight.  I am thankful that at this age, she can keep herself entertained for longer than five minutes at a time; her imagination is both magical and incredibly helpful. I can actually get things done, well, I can accomplish very small tasks. I do not have long.  

So with only a few minutes before her next request, I thought I’d try and compose a few words about my third day in Budapest. It was not easy. I was interrupted every couple of minutes and decided that the following bullet point summary of my day would suffice:

DAY 3:
Breakfast at Fat Mama – the restaurant next to our hostel- with Ruby and Henry.
Heroes’ Square with Henry. (Below) 
Notice the Hungarian Agricultural Museum,(below) in the distance, walk over and discover it is magical, (fairy-tale like), decide to have a wander around.
Meet Ruby for coffee.
All go into St Stephen’s Basilica (below), experience those spiritual-feels I had in Matthias Church the previous day (see this post here).
Say goodbye to Henry, who was taking the train back to Munich.
Head to the river with Ruby.

The Hungarian Agricultural Museum 

Heroes’ Square 

St Stephen’s Basilica




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