Budapest by Night: River snaps, Cake Shops and Ruin Bars

DAY 2 CONTINUED: After getting my sunset shots (see this post here), I made my way over to Buda Castle to get some decent snaps of the river, which wasn’t actually all that straightforward…The best viewing point was crowded with keen photographers poised and waiting for the sun to go down and the pretty lights to come on. I hovered in the background, ready to slide into any space that might become available. It did not. I settled for some less-than-perfect-but-still-pretty-good snapping locations.

When the cold got too cold and it began to rain, I decided it was time to head back. I walked over the Chain Bridge and towards my hostel (again, not that straightforward, it was actually quite scary, the wind was so strong on the bridge that at points I genuinely felt as though it might lift me off my feet and into the river, I was grateful for gravity and the few pounds I had gained over the Summer, weighing me down).

I passed a sweet little cake shop (below) and – given the rain and how much I love cake- slipped in for a browse. A browse became a purchase. I bought a slice of Oreo Cheesecake, which I have to admit tasted far better in my imagination. The actual slice was below par for such a hypothetically winning combination.

After dinner and the application of a whole heap of make-up, I went with Ruby, Henry and Maria to  Szimpla Kert, (below) a ruin bar situated conveniently near our hostel. It was very chilled and very artsy, with lots of graffiti and vintage items splattered across the walls. I felt it worked well. I particularly liked the plant life on the second floor.



    1. Thank you! Oh that’s hard, probably the views from the bridges and from up by Buda Castle, and that whole area near the castle! But also the ruin bar was awesome and just walking by the river! Everyone recommends the baths but I didn’t get a chance to go!

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