Honest Motherhood: Meet Wendy

We are on holiday once again this week, lazing around in the beautiful area of Cardigan, Wales.
The holidaying crowd differs slightly this time, with one rather special and fairly new addition: Wendy. Wendy was born out of Maia’s imagination only a matter of weeks ago, when she decided she was absolutely going to make a person out of boxes. I arrived home from work to a “DO YOU HAVE ANY MORE BOXES WE’VE RUN OUT OF BOXES!!” “Hello darling, how was your day?” “MUMMY I NEED BOXES!”. 
Maia didn’t know she was to be a “Wendy” until completion. Having gotten to know her, I can’t imagine her as anyone else. She’s made quite an impression on our family, and I’ve grown rather fond of her. No fuss and keeps herself to herself, definitely more a listener than a talker. 
She is indeed a compilation of card-board boxes, cereal packaging and such like, bonded together by the determined hands of my dear five year old and some trusty Sellotape. She has a torso, two arms, two legs, a face, and for a few weeks, newspaper as hair, though that met its inevitable fate on Saturday afternoon when it began raining on the beach.
Yes, Wendy accompanied us not only to Wales, but also to the beach. Both required some persuasion. With limited room in the car already, Grandma wasn’t overly enthused by Wendy’s innocent presence in the backseat, but Maia held strong, and before we knew it Wendy was cruising down the M4 with the rest of us. 
Upon arriving at the beach car park, Maia was warned of the risks of taking Wendy out into the open air, grey clouds looming, but she was adamant Wendy get the full Wales experience, showers and all. Wendy is now bald. It does not seem to have affected her. 
Three days in and Wendy may have lost her hair, but she has gained some flora and fauna. 
I spent Sunday morning cutting out flowers and leaves for Wendy’s new outfit. She now looks like she just landed in Hawaii and has been covered in lei. All that’s missing is a hula skirt. “Shall we do a sort of base coat for the flowers?” “No Mummy! Let’s just stick them straight onto the cardboard, otherwise people won’t know what Wendy’s made of!!”. Oh we know what she’s made of. Co-op’s Irresistible All Butter Triple Chocolate Cookies, Malt Wheats, Lasagne Sheets, to name just a few of what used to reside inside Wendys’ body parts.  
Our cardboard delight may seem hollow, but my darling girl has somehow managed to convince us all that Wendy has a heart, soul, thoughts and feelings. Only yesterday she apparently voiced her longings for a friend. I sense a trip to ALDI coming along.

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