Honest Motherhood: A Handful of Exciting Happenings

Well here we are, January 2023. Here in all it’s grey and rainy glory.

The holidays went far too quickly and Leo has only just stopped asking where his “tresents” (presents) are. Last week he woke from a nap sad and disappointed there was no “giant sock”. 

Our cupboards are still overflowing with every form of leftover Christmas sugar imaginable. We intend to work our way through it. I’ve consumed over 500 grams of sweets (the jar is one kilogram), which I consider to be a good effort. The same goes for two entire yule logs. (No individual should be able to say that). 
Suffice to say no-one is doing sugar-free January. 
Though neither of us are big on resolutions, Joel is doing dry January so that sort of counts. 

No major health commitments; no marathon training, no reducing of carbs, no veganism. We won’t be purchasing a Peloton bike, or joining the gym. (I toyed with the idea but it’s almost laughable now. The thought of having the energy to go enough times to make the cost justifiable. I don’t know how mothers of young children do it. The school-run on foot plus the occasional jog will have to do for now.)

From all the things that won’t be changing, to a few things that will. Here are a handful of happenings I’m particularly excited about this year: 

Leo starting nursery:
His settling-in sessions went so well that on day two he didn’t want to leave. 
“I want to go back!” He cried as I carried him home. His teacher had to pick him up and hand him to me as he simply refused to move. All a good sign, though I began to worry whether they might have any concerns about his steadfast reluctance to come home.  

Friends having babies:
I’ve waited a long time for my close school friends to join me in the trenches of motherhood. The year has finally come. The twins are due to arrive in February, followed by another exciting arrival in May. I’ve known these women since we were at primary school so this is all rather surreal. I find pregnancy exciting when it’s people I barely know, so two of my best friends in one go feels very special. 

A solo adventure in February:  
Years before Leo was born, I went on a little solo trip around Europe. I took myself away for ten days, visiting Budapest, Prague and Copenhagen, staying in hostels and exploring the cities mostly alone. It was one of the scariest and best things I’ve ever done.
I couldn’t leave the children for that long at this stage, though admittedly it is only the start of term, ask me again come Easter…I have however, planned three nights away. 
When asked what exactly I plan to do on this holiday of mine:
“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”
No laundry, no food shopping, no cleaning…Nothing that in any way resembles a household task. I plan to read, write and explore the city. Lots of photography and people-watching. The simple joy of being somewhere new, with zero responsibilities. 

All the 30ths:
I turn 30 this year. (Gulp). Thankfully I’m not alone. I’ll be enduring it with most of my friends. And it does mean people are going all-out for their Birthdays. This weekend I get to wear a new dress (rare occurrence) and next month’s has a theme; we’re to come as a historical figure. Going into a new decade and seeing teenagers nowadays makes me feel like a historical figure. 

The arts :
The usual consumption of theatre, art exhibitions and live music. Maia and I are off to see Lizzo and Joel’s got tickets to Glastonbury again, so between us we’re doing well. 


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