A Colourful Life: Tired Mother

For Mother’s Day this year I would like a long nap please. 
*And a haircut, possibly during said nap. 

Leo sleeps through sometimes.
Other times. Not. 

I found this in my notes: 
April 2022. “Tired Mother”: 
It’s late in the afternoon and I’ve snuck upstairs to lie down. I do this occasionally, when it’s been a long day of just me and the children. 
Leo is having a danger-nap (a nap that shouldn’t be allowed because it’s dangerously close to bedtime but that would be equally foolish/perhaps even impossible to attempt to wake him from. One is now screwed either way.) And Maia is happily designing a book-mark. 
It is in these moments, these impromptu pockets of free time, where my mind begins to whir. 
How do I BEST use this toddler-free time?!
More laundry? Clear the kitchen? Tidy toys? Dust more frames? Prep dinner? DO ALL OF THE THINGS?! 
Or even.. Read my book? Finally start my gratitude journal…

I instinctively lie down. 
“No I am NOT going to nap. I want to USE this time.” I think to myself.
I pick up a play, Constellations by Nick Payne. 
“I’m going to read this ENTIRE play”. A satisfying thought. 
It rests on my lap, in my hands, as I gently close my eyes.
“Just for a second.” 

Maia’s teachers now mock me for the day I slept through my alarm, missing pick-up entirely
“Sorry I don’t always write in her reading record…” I said at parents evening. 
“Oh no don’t worry! You’ve got a lot on your plate with a little one..You might be…having a nap!”.


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