365 Outfits…Anything Goes 

IMG_8635  Another ingenious creative discovery: printWe buy dresses covered in dinosaurs and trainers plastered in fruit; as the very-persuasive-but-not-in-a-pushy-way lady at Dune told me; “nowadays, anything goes..”. Well I am glad. Whoever thought of sticking images of food on clothes was a sharp cookie…Time to whip out my potato jumper…

Okay I admit I am yet to own any fruit or vegetable printed clothing but we can still enjoy a classic: the black-blue-white-swirly-blurred-don’t-quite-know-how-to-describe-it print.





Look #49: Top, Trousers and Heels – Zara, Jacket – Mango, Bag – Therapy by House of Fraser


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