365 Outfits…A Happy Place 


The distressed look. Find one pair of old jeans. Take a pair of scissors. Attack jeans with scissors for no more than thirty seconds (resulting in no more than three-five larger tears, but lots of little ones are permitted). Et voila: one pair of distressed (traumatised) jeans.

These jeans were not the result of my craftsmanship but were the result of my persistence and determination at a certain Zara Sale. Those rummage-through-giant-piles-of-clothes tables are a happy place – filled with promise- until some woman manages to slide in front of you, blocking you off. Avoiding confrontation -focusing all of my energy on the clothes– I simply move to another part of the table. The rummage continues.  IMG_0219 IMG_0233 IMG_0235 IMG_0238   IMG_0242


Look #58: Grey Top and Choker – Topshop, Ripped Jeans and Striped Jacket – Zara, Shoes – New Look


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