365 Outfits… The Proud CEO


My oh my do I feel grown up in this outfit. I really believe I should be chairing a board meeting here. Right there is a person who knows what she’s doing, she makes good decisions. – Important decisions under high pressure. (Not sure why I went into third person there, or why I apparently have some alter ego that want’s to run a small business, in reality my only business is running the life of a two year old and I have no idea what I’m doing.) As for making important decisions; well “peas or sweetcorn with your chicken” is one of the many adrenalin pumping choices I make daily. (I do love it though. Maia’s life is quite a business to run and I’m the proud CEO).

This is really just a variation on my last outfit; a shirt, grid print trousers and heels. I wore this during my internship and no I didn’t spill smoothie all over this one.


But where is it all from? Look #81: Shirt – Mango, Trousers – Zara, Heels – TKMaxx



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