365 Outfits…Serious levels of perkiness

COPY 121

I wore this one during my Summer internship. (Minus the heels, even I wouldn’t attempt rush hour London tubes in heels I could barely get up the garden path in.) Plus I was an intern; one doesn’t flounce into the office in heels when you’re an intern. One does drop their bottle of blueberry smoothie on the floor; splattering purple goop all over the carpet, nearby furniture and some previously pristine white walls. They were all very understanding. (They probably thought if they weren’t I might splatter them with the rest of my lunch…)

Anyway back to the clothes. I loved that no matter how bloated all the caffeine made me; this top hid all that. The silkiness made me feel like I was wearing something expensive (it’s Dorothy Perkins, and in the Sale). As for the trousers; well hello new and improved bum bum! Could just be angles but it appears there are some serious levels of perkiness going on here. (For my standard; it’s normally ever so flat, like a pancake, or a wall). 



But where does it all come from? Look #80: Shirt – Dorothy Perkins (2012), Trousers & Heels – Zara (July 2015 & 2014)



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