365 Outfits…Lesson Learned

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An intoxicated mess. This would be the best way to describe me last Saturday night. It started so well with a few innocent shots and quickly progressed to, well, a whole concoction of other alcoholic mistakes. I won’t go into any detail in case Maia reads this one day; but I’ll just say that was the first and last time I ever mix my drinks. Now even the thought of a cocktail makes my stomach turn slightly. I think I’m actually a little bit scarred by the whole experience; as were the other people at our table in McDonald’s when I showed them the beautiful contents of my stomach. Thankfully I couldn’t see their reactions or delighted faces as I could barely open my little drunken eyes. I look back at that night with horror and disgust. Oh and not forgetting shame. And regret. (I mean actually up until the regurgitation it was going rather well, we were having fun dancing and getting photos in the photo booth. All very clean and vomit-free). Lesson learned; people reassure me this happens to everyone. Well if this is letting loose I think I’d rather stay tightly wound up.

As for the clothes; well I couldn’t post a photo of the dress I wore that night as I gave it to charity as soon as it was out of the wash. – Just the sight of it was an uncomfortable reminder of amazing friend Aimy wiping up my liquid mistakes. (With teeny-weeny-miniature face wipes designed to remove eye make-up.) *May I add that this is not a regular occurrence for me, I rarely go out at night and this alcoholic overdose was a one off; I am usually very responsible with my intake.

This black crop top I’ve worn a few times on less intoxicated nights out. All those clean yet memorable nights out.

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But where is it all from? Look #82: Top, Skirt & Necklace – Topshop, Heels – TKMaxx, Clutch – John Lewis