Confessions of a Single Mother: SHE SQUATS

“Mum, I can’t even bend down!!?! IT HURTS SO BAD!!! “Where?””MY ARMS, ABS, THIGHS and BUTT MUSCLES!!”

This agony was the direct result of my first session with Dan, new Personal trainer (I have him for five sessions, then we part ways and I have to keep up the hard work and momentum on my own, which we all know won’t happen..).
In a desperate attempt to counteract the Christmas-eat-everything-in-sight mantra, (which I’ve had pretty much all year round) I thought what better way to stay motivated at the gym than to pay someone to tell me “YOU CAN DO IT”..  
Thirty minutes. – This was half the time of my usual workout- how intense could thirty minutes be?…. Well turns out HIGH intensity interval training was exactly that; highly intense.

I quite clearly remember my arms QUIVERING as I showed him I in fact COULD NOT do a press up. – We swiftly adjusted the exercise accordingly until it was doable; which is embarrassing because I’ve always felt like I have quite strong arms, this whole exercise only made me feel physically weak and mentally frustrated… With the frustration came minor outbursts of determination “TEN… MORE…. SECONDS… I… CAN.. DO THIS…..”… 

Swinging a 16KG kettle bell between my legs was no problem but when it came to lifting 8KG over my head.. I ended up with bruising due to my poor technique, the big chunk of metal kept whacking my wrists as I lifted it into the air in a sort of victory pose that did not feel so victorious.

The internal dialogue went something like this: “does he think I have the arms for this?! What if my arms look stronger than they are and I pull a muscle?! Does that happen easily? Am I doing it right? Will I hurt my back like this? Or my neck? Oh god why am I even here?! My arms are fine!!… But boy do I feel strong right now…”

I voiced a selection of these concerns and with all the gusto of a personal trainer, he informed me I’d get stronger. This was all I needed to hear. Running was one thing but imagine being able to lift my own body weight? Marvellous. And I have always wanted toned arms, who doesn’t want toned arms?

The thirty minutes flew by and I felt great; sweaty and fabulous. That was Day One. Fast forward twenty four hours and I could barely bend my knees… Every time I needed to get something from the floor I’d have to gently ease my way down slowly; my thighs and bum were that sore from all the squats..

For a good few days each time I lifted Maia or rose from my bed I was reminded of the ordeal with sharp bursts of PAIN. I had to keep telling myself “you’re BUILDING muscle, this is a GOOD thing, don’t be a p****”..

So my first impression of weights? Yes they’re alright, I feel pretty strong at the time and it feels good to say “I SQUAT… WITH WEIGHTS” (prior to this I’d always felt silly trying to do squats in the gym, it didn’t feel natural and I never felt I was doing it properly). – Well it still doesn’t feel natural and my heart still lies with my beloved treadmill. – Although yesterday I went for a run with my nephew into town and this was also rather exhilarating, (the fresh air, the random people you pass, the change of scenery..) may have to start running outdoors more often. – If I get really into it I may even get one of those fluorescent sports bra/tops so I can feel even more SEXY and WONDERFUL as I run (at the moment I wear a big baggy grey t-shirt, I use the extra fabric to wipe my sweat..It’s beautiful.)

So 2016 will bring more running and of course more weights, I haven’t given up yet. I’d also like to get into yoga and/or Pilates; it seems like all the cool people do these. (You know you really have your s*** together if you can make time for some yoga in your schedule..) Wouldn’t it be amazing to start each morning in the lotus pose.. Moving into downward facing dog.. then maybe rising up into a dainty tree pose and ending on a quick Sun Salutation? I feel more peaceful just listing these random yoga poses…
Please raise your kettle bell to 2016, to my fitness adventures and yours!

 This photo is because I didn’t have any more relevant ones of me doing weights, it is supposed to represent the peace and clarity I often feel after doing any form of exercise. I also just really love Buddhas. 


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