Confessions of a Single Mother: Education in Happiness


I know what you’re thinking. All those books on happiness? Woah, she is one unhappy woman. God help her if she needs all that literature to get through the day. Well quite the contrary. (I use refined sugar to get me through the day). The more content I become with my life; the more I want to read these books.

I just love self help books. Simply owning them makes me feel like a better person.- More compassionate (Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life) happier (The Happiness Project, Authentic Happiness and The Art of Happiness), and certainly more in the now (The Power of Now). If there’s literature out there that could potentially make me even happier than I already am; then COME AT ME. These are some intelligent people; they’ve done stuff; they know things. I want to absorb their wisdom and implement their methods and insights. Learning from experience is necessary, learning from others is also a vital tool. (Gosh check me out; I know my vital tools! Others include: overdosing on inspirational Instagram and Pinterest quotes, Facetiming the bestie, watching amusing people say amusing things on Youtube, and other activities that mean I 100% fit the the stereotype of a brainwashed individual glued to their phone.- Sometimes I actually go out and see real 3D people). 

So yes so far I’m really enjoying this new education in happiness. (I don’t spend my days reading this stuff; we’re talking twenty minutes at bed time if I’m lucky, but I enjoy this time with Eckhart and His Holiness the Dalai Lama…..oh I feel calmer and more mindful already..) No, I didn’t do a bulk-self-help-book-haul one tearful anxious evening crying “I NEED MORE -ING IN MY  LIFE!! Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a book out there that told me how to get more -ing in my life! Oh there’s one *add to basket*”. No, I actually came across these little wonders in charity shops and was only drawn to “A Hip Guide to Happiness, add more -ing to your life” because of the skateboard and angel wings on the cover, oh and the reviews. (*There’s nothing “hip” about a guide to happiness, can we please not use the word “hip” as an adjective. It’s just naff. Cool, chic, sophisticated, but not hip. It’s  a body part and half of the musical term hip-hop. )

So The Happiness Project starts in January and I am studying up. I look forward to my course of happiness-related tasks and resolutions.  There are no qualifications after the course; but there are also no tuition fees, essays or Powerpoint presentations,  here’s the reading list so far:

*See what I mean about the angel wings and skateboard? I thought “hmm if I read this book; I too might grow wings and know how to skateboard..”. 




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