Happiness by Design: A Beautiful Stillness Part I


Maia and I were both still nursing colds and coughs today, so we spent all day indoors; Maia alternating between playing and watching the iPad, me between cleaning and watching Maia.

It was a beautiful day, and I could only admire the clear skies through the window as I wasn’t going to take my feverish three year old out into the frosty cold.

But by 4pm, I was in need of some fresh air and a change of scenery, so I took the puffiest coat I could find, grabbed my camera, and spent a little too long -in the cold- taking photos in the garden. (Maia nice and warm inside with Grandma).

I do enjoy taking photographs of nature. There’s a beautiful stillness to plants and trees that makes photographing them a very different experience to photographing people. Photographing people I often feel as if they’re thinking  “Just hurry up and take the photo..”. I also find it much harder to get a good shot of a person compared to.. a tree.

Spending time outdoors and capturing what I notice is sort of my way of being in the moment and appreciating nature and all that it does for us. (It’s also a nice way to take something beautiful from a freezing cold day..)

Taking photographs is my way of saying:

Dearest Nature,

You’re really rather amazing and I promise to notice you more often, take you in and be more mindful of your extraordinary greatness.



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