Happiness by Design: Now, Do It Now!


“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

January has flown by just like I knew it would.

My first performance of the play “Glorious!” is tonight and it hasn’t quite sunk in that we’re going to have an audience of 100+ people sat watching us. I’m excited, scared and still can’t quite believe I’ve been given this opportunity.

It’s been a wonderful few months rehearsing with the most awesome, talented group of people. I’ve loved every minute of it. (Full blog post on my experience doing my first play to come…).

From one creative joy to another…

My very thoughtful Mama bought me acrylic paints for Christmas, and earlier last year a whole load of canvases.

It was Thursday night, Maia was downstairs with her favourite people and I just thought “Quick, now, do it now, whilst you have a few hours!..”

So I started to paint. And I couldn’t bring myself to stop.

I missed dinner, spilt bright red paint on a cream carpet, and got through six – different sized – canvases.

Here are the results of that evening…



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