Spreading the Hand-Made Love


It has been far too long.

32 days to be exact, since I last posted on the blog.

And it feels like longer.

The play (Glorious, possibly the most wonderful, awesome, hilarious production I’ve ever been a part of) finished three weeks ago and I seem to have lost my flow rather since I took a pause from blogging during the performances ( ten amazing nights, and one highly positive review in our local newspaper).

One thing I did throw myself into once the play had finished; was sewing.  It kind of reminded me of when Richard and Monica broke up in Friends, and she threw herself into making Jam. Well, I did the same, but with pouches. – Little zip-up bags, designed to store anything that will fit – lipstick, chewing gum, condoms. Although I was happy to have my evenings back, I was a little sad that it was all over, and the pouches helped.

I’ve decided in both an attempt to save money, and practice my pouch-making-skills, to give them as birthday presents this year.  They’ve had a welcome reception so far, and I feel like I’m spreading some hand-made love around.

But of course, as much as I love machine-embroidery, there’s nothing quite like hitting publish on a blog post.

I am delighted to be back.


I also took to painting greetings cards…..



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