Budapest: The River Danube, Parliament and other remarkable buildings

My first day in Budapest was very much spent finding my feet as a solo-explorer. After breakfast – which you can read about in this post here – I made use of my giant fold-out map and wandered (well, was a fast-paced-walk) down to the river, pausing every couple of minutes to take photos and stand gaping at styles of architecture that simply don’t exist in London. Streets with buildings of perfect colour palettes and detailed intricate external features. I love every bit of it. (I’m also a sucker for a pillar. Marble in particular. Whatever home I end up inhabiting one day, I will build myself a pillar or two).

I realised soon after leaving the hostel that my scarf was not where it should have been, around my bare neck. I decided at that point to press on without it – surely all the walking would warm me up – little did I know this was a A VERY, VERY poor decision.

I reached the river and could barely focus on the sights due to sheer bitter cold. My neck was naked and my otherwise brilliant coat lacked a decent warming fluffy hood. I had not come prepared. Not even a glove at hand. The wind was making my eyes water and I appeared to be in tears. Inside I was anything but tearful – delighted in fact to have reached the river.  I had pictured this moment prior to the trip, and I felt every bit as badass as I did in my vision- but I could not concentrate on the parliament building or on what I wanted to do next, all I could picture was my scarf, sat there on my bed, and the warmth it could have brought.

*Yes, yes I did head back to the hostel later that day to fetch my scarf. It was a blissful moment stepping out into the Hungarian cold with my neck all guarded and warm. I WAS GOOD TO GO. 

Below are a series of snaps of the river Danube, the Parliament building (which I really went to town capturing…) and an attractive park-sort-of-thing I passed through and decided to vlog. ENJOY!

More snaps and vlogs over on my Instagram and Facebook. 


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